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Cleansing Products

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Cleansing Products Quantity Price
Activated Charcoal 100 veggie caps
Colon Cleanser No. 1 4oz.
Colon Cleanser No.2 4oz.
Blood Purifier No.1 4oz.
Gall Bladder/Liver Flush Kit- Ortho-Phos and Oxy-Mag
Heavy Metal Detox 2oz.
Paragon Herbal Parasite Formula (3 Month program) 180 capsules
Limonene Orange peel extract     2 oz.
Kidney Cleanse - Helps disolve stones and calculii 4oz.
Phylllantus (Chanca -piedra) Stone Breaker 90 veggie caps
Liver-X - Liver Rebuilding Formula 60 veggie caps
Liver Restore-Rebuilding Formula 120 veggie caps
Super Absorbable Silymarin 60 veggie caps
Glutamine- Helps Rebuild Gut Wall 100 veggie caps
ph Paper (Range 5.5-8.0) Test your Acid/alkaline Balance
"00" Veggie Capsules 250caps
Magnesium Oil- Pre-Historic Source 4oz.
200X Fulvic Acid 2 oz.
Vita-Myrr Toothpaste with CoQ10 1 tube
Vita-Myrr Children's Toothpaste 1 tube
Power Plus Food Enzymes 200 vegggie caps
Power Plus Food Enzymes 12 oz.
Bromelain 1000 G.D. U.'s 60 veggie caps

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