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Maui Bush Doctor.


 The Maui Bush Doctor 

Hi, I am the Maui Bush Doctor, aka. Len Watson. First off, what is a Bush Doctor? Long ago, way away from Modern civilization, when people were ill or not feeling well they turned to their Bush Doctor or Herbal Medicine Man for solutions and relief. Some parts of the Modern World like Australia, South America, and Africa still see their Bush Doctors when they need help.  Do you ever wonder how these Primitive people heal themselves without the Dangerous Toxic Drugs and Anti-biotics that Modern people depend on? What happened to people before the advent of anti-biotics? Answer: Persons with Strong Immune Systems, True Health and Vitality Survived; The Toxic Perished. The Law of Survival applies to all of God’s creatures even Bacteria and Viruses. Just give them a nice Toxic body to incubate in and they proliferate. Remember, your internal environment is a Major Cause of Health or Disease and the Priori Cause. You are the creator of your bio-terrain or internal environment. Your Food Choices are the Major determinant of your internal condition. * Today, America is the Sickest Nation of Earth.

With that said, let me tell you what I do and how I can help you. 

I live in Maui Hawaii where I guide clients in Rejuvenation and Youthing. I have been practicing the Raw Food Vegan Lifestyle for 30 years. My ability to communicate complex nutritional ideas in clear and meaningful ways insures that others catch the excitement of living their Highest Potential.

I am a Nutritionist, Colon Therapist and Master Bodyworker. I am also a practitioner of Yoga.

I specialize in helping people Detoxify through Cleansing and Fasting Programs. My Cleansing Programs are designed to heal the Digestive, Assimilation and Elimination functions of the body. Restoring the major Organ systems of the body back to Optimal Functional Capacity is a primary focus. I have designed programs for the following Organ systems: Colon, Gallbladder, Liver, Kidney, Lymphatic, Vascular, and Immune systems.  My programs are created to allow you to periodically evaluate your progress and take charge of your Healing. Remember, Who Feels it, Knows it.

I have found that the Raw Organic Vegetarian Diet proactively creates Abundant Vitality and Health. I have helped thousands Cleanse, Detoxify and regain their Vitality. As people let go of their toxins and addictions to unhealthful ways of Eating and Living, they are able to Enjoy and Sustain the benefits of a Healthy Vegetarian Way of Life.

I go on tour every Summer (see Summer Tour Schedule) and present Lectures and Programs designed to help you Reclaim your God given Gift of High Level Wellness, Beauty and Joy. Aloha, Len

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